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Land Yacht Regatta (LYR)

LYR (Land Yacht Regatta) – sets Armitage’s spoken vocals to music from Richard Walters and Patrick Pearson. For full information, music videos, 2023 tour dates and social media links, please visit   To enquire about booking LYR:

Never Good With Horses (official video)

Never Good With Horses (live at Middle Farm Studios)

Adam’s Apple (official video)

Adam’s Apple (live at Middle Farm Studios)

Great Coat (official video)

Great Coat (live at Middle Farm Studios)

Lockdown (Spring 2020)

Lockdown by LYR, featuring Florence Pugh and Pete Wareham of Melt Yourself Down, is set to a poem by poet laureate Simon Armitage, written in response to the coronavirus restrictions in April 2020. ‘Lockdown’ moves from the outbreak of bubonic plague in Eyam, Derbyshire in the 17th century – when a bale of cloth sent from London inadvertently brought fleas carrying the plague – to the poem Meghadūta by the Sanskrit poet Kālidāsa, which follows the legend in which an exile sends words of reassurance to his wife in the Himalayas via a passing cloud.

Music video by LYR performing Lockdown, directed by Daniel Broadley. © 2020 Universal Music Operations Limited. 





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