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Laureate’s Library Tour – Using Crowdcast

Laureate Library Tour events are free but you must register / book on Crowdcast before you can watch.

How to register / book an event

  1. Find the event you want to attend on the Tour webpage or Tour’s Crowdcast channel
  2. Open the event’s booking page on Crowdcast, then click the green booking button. 
  3. Complete the brief You’re almost in! screen. 
  4. An email will be sent to confirm. Please check your junk folder if you do not receive it. 
  5. Having registered, you can return to the event webpage anytime. Use the booking link on the Tour webpage or find the event on the Tour’s Crowdcast channel
  6. A reminder is sent automatically before the event. 

Crowdcast advise: “if attending an event on Crowdcast, you can join from any mobile device or computer. Android users are able to join events directly from a browser – no download required! Those with an iOS device like iPad or iPhone can attend events from a browser or the Crowdcast app.”

The best browser?

Crowdcast advise using “the latest browsers including Chrome (preferred), Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Android. We don’t recommend Safari, and you won’t be able to use Internet Explorer.

Make sure your browser is up-to-date. An outdated browser can cause issues since we are browser-based. If using Chrome, you can verify whether there’s an update by clicking the three vertical dots at the top right corner of the browser window. From there, go to Help > About Google Chrome.”

Trouble-shooting guide

Suggestions from users:

  • if you are using a desktop, laptop or tablet, try accessing Crowdcast via your browser, rather than downloading the app.
  • if you are viewing via your phone, use the Crowdcast app.
  • check the volume on your device is turned up and that the sound isn’t muted.
  • close down any other browsers, tabs or applications that would otherwise run during the event and consider asking others in the house to stay off Wi-Fi during the event.
  • once logged into an event due to go live, if your event doesn’t start to play shortly after at the listed start-time, you can hit play in the bottom left of the screen. Refreshing the page can also help. However please be aware that sometimes it can take up 40 seconds or so for the live-stream to reach you. 

Lag, buffering, freezing, or dropped audio while attending an event? Crowdcast provide further advice here, including how to enter Compatibility Mode if necessary.

Live captions
For access to live captions (English only), Crowdcast make several suggestions:

1. Using Chrome as your browser and enabling Live Captions.

Crowdcast explain: “When enabled, Live Captions automatically appear in a small, moveable box at the bottom of your browser when you’re watching or listening to a piece of content where people are talking.

Words appear after a slight delay and captions will even appear with muted audio or your volume turned down. Live Captions can be enabled in the latest version of Chrome by going to Settings, then the “Advanced” section, and then “Accessibility.” (If you’re not seeing the feature, try manually updating and restarting your browser.) When you toggle them on, Chrome will quickly download some speech recognition files, and then captions should appear the next time your browser plays audio where people are talking.

Please note, this setup is on the viewer’s end; the captions are not displayed within the video feed directly. You can read more about this, including a video explainer, directly from Google.

Captions are just for the viewer who enables them and captions are not displayed within the video feed directly.” 

2. Setting up a transcription service beforehand such as or Web Captioner.

Crowdcast advise: “If you’re attending an event, try setting up these services first. You will need to split your screen between the event window and the transcription or use two monitors. is free for up to 600 minutes of transcription, and Web Captioner is entirely free!”

We hope that you enjoy your Laureate’s Library Tour 2022 event. 


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