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Author: Simon Armitage
Publisher: Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP)
Date: 2018
Simon Armitage talks about Flit here (scroll down for video)

Flit is a newly commissioned and fully illustrated collection of 40 poems by Simon Armitage, poet in residence at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in its 40th anniversary year.

In 2017, disillusioned by the domestic cultural scene and in search of a more depersonalised aesthetic, the poet Simon Armitage relocated to the small mid-European state of Ysp, and more particularly to its eponymous capital city. With no local contacts and only an out-dated pocket dictionary to hand, Armitage rented a small apartment in a former leprosy hospital and spent a year exploring Ysp’s medieval backstreets, latter-day shopping malls, housing districts, redeveloped docks and rural hinterlands.

Review in The Telegraph, 2018


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